Sunday, July 13, 2008

Emotional Connections - part 2

After my post yesterday I've meat up with a few good friends of mine and went to have some fun. During our discussions I've pretty much came to the conclusion, that one of my friends, is the type of person who almost never creates emotional connections with other people. Being a brilliant thinker he tends to limit himself to mostly pure intellectual connections.

This got me thinking even more deeply about the subject, which brought me to a realization on why we humans hold emotional connections so highly and allow ourselves, to trust people, with which we have these types of connections, more easily.

Most times when we're making decisions, especially in difficult situations, we tend to get influenced by emotions and feelings like fear, hate and love. Weak and emotional people tend to rely a lot more on these influences, ending up making decisions that lack sense and logic, while strong people manage to control their emotions a lot better, making better decisions.

In order to be able to trust somebody at a deep level, it is my belief that people need to know the emotional integrity of the other person at an unconscious level. We have to know how deep the other person is, in order to be able to estimate how they would act in different situations.

By no means are these estimations made consciously, they all happen in our deep unconscious. Just like when we look at the body language of another person and make automatic and unconscious judgments based on the information we perceive, when we come in contact with the emotional depth of the other person, we make automatic estimations on what their reactions would be in difficult situations.

If we "like" what we feel the we will be able to trust the other person more, but if we feel a lack of emotional integrity and dept, we will automatically become suspicious and cautious.

Of course how well we can understand the value and the meaning of other people's emotions, is based on our life experience and how emotionally savvy we are. This is why many people let themselves get hurt by others, even though they came in contact with the other person's emotional depth. They have access to the "information", but they just don't have the knowledge to understand the meaning of it...but I feel that we are going a bit off track here.

To rap it up, people need emotional connections, not just because it is the only way to blissful happiness, but because it's a direct way to understanding the emotional integrity of the other person, giving us the chance to trust the other person.

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  1. You also need emotional connections because, despite the fact that you get hurt, you get to know yourself emotionally when this happens and you get to know what you can expect of yourself in certain situations.
    Let's say emotional connections help you in your path of finding yourself