Friday, June 5, 2009

A small video about our senses

Well as you can see I still haven't got to finishing the abundance of the universe post. For some reasons, I've gotten into a mind activity which, slows me from appreciating all the wonders. I still go and see them, but the connection is filtered, my mind is kinda blocking me from appreciating things for more then their face value.

Any way, I just ran over this video recently and thought it would be quite relevant to the subject, especially the RAS and how exactly our mind processes and filters the information that the universe offers. Be sure to watch this when you have some focus, since it's kinda mind blowing. Enjoy

"You don't see anything" it's all created in your mind, based on what you've learned throughout your do you think it might be possible that we learned to appreciate the wrong things and to ignore some other stuff that might be very valuable to us....?

Who knows... But maybe it's time to put some question marks around the things we "KNOW" are important and have value, cause there might be a chance that we missed something. (since we probably weren't surrounded by world renowned geniuses while were growing up...but by simple people who not that long ago thought the world was flat and humans couldn't fly...not to mention the moon...)

PS: The guy who is talking, his name is Eben Pagan and his an entrepreneur and human interaction genius (pretty much).


  1. I watched cd 13 from his material, and it was very captivating. He really is open to hearing other people's issues and giving them a gentle guiding hand. He knows what he's saying.