Saturday, January 25, 2014

The essence of feminine energy

Whatever our view is about intimate relationships and how much of our time we spend thinking about it, they are a defining part of our human existence. Many of us hold our intimacy as being one of the top 3 priorities in our life and some of our most amazing and deep experiences are linked to our relationships.

However as amazing as these experiences can be, we have little knowledge and control of how and why they appear, why we feel so strongly when we interact with a specific person and why after a while the intensity of our relationships can die down. We don't understand why a person who before made us feel absolutely amazing and as a real woman/man after a while doesn't move us any more, doesn't fulfil us any more. We get the feeling that "the magic has died out" and this can happen 2 weeks, 2 years or even 20 years into the relationship.

Things are even harder if you're a woman many times. You are always looking for a REAL MAN, that can open you in a blissful happiness and knows how to deeply penetrate your heart, soul and body with pure love. Instead of finding these men, what all women are really unhappy about is that the men that you attract turn out to be self-centred and insecure little boys, not the strong loving warriors you dream about. 

So how can you influence this as a woman?

It all starts with the feminine and masculine essence and the polarity between these two. The feminine essence is defined by it's ability to love and be seen as pure love, it's deepest desire is to fill the world and the people around them with infinite radiating love, while becoming one with the eternally moving waves of emotions and feelings. The masculine on the other hand is much more focused and rigid. It concentrates on goals, objectives and it has the ability to maintain clarity and remain present in the face of deep emotional turmoil. This is why men consider women as being to emotional and why women feel that men ten to be distant and not in contact with their emotions. 

What many of us don't understand though is that this is how we are meant to be. Men and women do not need to be the same, we are opposites of each other in many ways and we all have our role to play in the female-male polarity. Women have the ability to bring unseen emotional happiness and beauty into the emptiness of the male essence. While men have the ability to bring purpose and direction into the infinite vastness of the feminine emotional chaos. And this contrast is what creates chemistry and attraction between two people.

The greatest thing however is that all women naturally have the ability to love and to be radiant. There is no such thing as an ugly women and all women have infinite beauty lying deep within them. However whether you can express and radiate this inner beauty is where the challenge of being a woman starts.

All women are born with the natural ability to shine, however due to the way how are culture is built they end up restraining this ability. Social pressure tells women, that if they are to feminine, sexual or flirtatious they are sluts. Media and advertising makes you believe that as a woman your outer beauty is what really matters, which makes your inner beauty and ability to love be ignored. In your professional career, if you let your feminine energy and emotion come to the surface, you are labelled as to emotional, hysterical or bipolar. In the dating world, men put pressure on you to just have empty, emotionless sex and to ignore your feelings.

With all these influences it's no surprise that you build up walls around your heart, you make yourself as rigid as a man and limit your ability to express love and radiance with every movement of your body and every breath you breath. Deep inside, you feel that this is not right though, that this is not how you're supposed to live your life and you hope for something external to change this state. Which usually does happen when you meet a man that you fall in love with. Love has a tendency to break these walls around your heart down, but only for a short while. Once the initial intensity of love fades and you start becoming comfortable next to each other, the walls start coming back up and eventually you end up back in that unfulfilled state, where your heart is not allowed to radiate love.

There are many ways though by which women can help themselves open up and be able to offer their infinite love to everyone that surrounds them. Teaching you how to live your life with this kind of openness and radiance is the purpose of this blog and what I will explore together with you in my future posts.

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