Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Nurturing the feminine

Why is the feminine so mesmerising, so beautiful and inspiring? Men are capable of doing astonishing things to evoke the endless radiance of the feminine heart. For a truly radiating woman we are willing to kill and die, we are willing to gift you with all of our financial possessions, we compose unbelievable songs and poetry, and in extreme cases we even go to war like the way the greek king Menelaus attacked Troy for Helen or conquer continents like Napoleon did for Josephine. To put it simply men worship the feminine essence more then they do anything else.

The reason why we men do all these crazy, sometimes even mad and completely irrational gestures is because the feminine holds something that we do not posses, something that if it fills us, it makes us feel almost unstoppable, like a god. That something is the infinite loving energy of the woman. Don't get me wrong, men are capable of love as well, but we don't even nearly get anywhere close to what the feminine is.

The feminine IS LOVE!! 

As a woman, being open, means being able to love. The ability to love other people but also to truly love yourself, every single part of yourself. Not only your succeses, but your failures, not only your happiness, but your sadness as well. Love not only when you're happy, but also when you're sad. Love is not a "good" or "positive" thing. You don't have to be happy to love, you can love even when you're heart is shattered, you can also love your shattered heart, it's a part fo who you are. Your ability to live is eternal, it's unconditioned, you can do it when you are being loved back, but also when not.

Love is who you are. Love is not something you chose to do, it's what you already are in your whole fullness. You just need to let it go free, don't hold it back because you are afraid that you will get hurt, that you won't get it back. Love is not a verb for the feminine, it's not "something the feminine does", LOVE IS the feminine!

Whenever you live through your heart, everything single action you do is a manifestation of your love.

Whenever you get criticesed or hurt you put up a wall to protect your heart, which is completely normal. If the event is not severe, you normaly let the walls go back down and your heart starts loving again. However when the hurt is to great, the walls remain there, you forget about them and you keep them there even when they already became obsolete, which limits your ability to love, to live and to shine.

Most women would agree that whenever they connect with a real man, their hearts find it much more easier to open up and radiate. So what is this "magical power" that men have? Well, all that we do, is encourage you to open your heart, we give you the courage and the strength, to look at your walls that you've built up during your life and to shatter it with your endless love. 

The gift that men can bring into your life is their presence, their ability to look through your emotional chaos, feel the true depth of your heart, sense where you are afraid to fully express your femininity and give you the strength to do it. We are able to sense where you are holding yourself back, which part of your feminine energy could be more free flowing and when we find it, we have this instinctual desire to open you up, to let you be seen. 

The secret to reaching feminine maturity however, is to cultivate the ability to do this even when you are on your own, when there isn't a man around you to give his presence, to guide the loving energy of your heart. As a woman you regularly feel the need to express caring love to yourself, to spoil and honour yourself. That's why you might like to make yourself beautiful, take a long bath, go for a massage, get your nails and hair done, go away for a spa day or go shopping for clothes that make you look and feel beautiful. You also might like to take care of plants, to spend time with people that you love, look after and play with kids, console your best friend when she is heart broken and crying, practice some form of artistic expressio or go dancing. All these are instinctual methods to nourish and help your feminine grow and there are many many more ways. Whenever you are expressing caring and loving energy towards yourself or towards an activity you enjoy doing, your feminine heart grows.

You might notice that after going through a very emotionally tough experience, you naturally try to practice these methods in order to heal your heart. Sometimes though there are parts of your heart that you forget/avoid to heal and with these ones you actively need practice to some form of "healing ritual" in order to allow yourself to radiate with the entire depth of your heart. If you want to live your life with a full heart, with radiance and if you truely desire to shine, then create a regular practice where you reflect and see where you are holding your heart back. 

Take a few minutes and think about what are you afraid of doing because you might get hurt and which are the places where you are carrying a wound from the past which holds you back and makes you hesitate to open your heart fully. Also take a look at what are the things to which your heart says simply no to and is not intersted in giving it's loving energy.

There are literaly endless ways you might be doing this, but lets's take a look at some of the more common ones and how you might start to heal them.

- You've loved a man but he didn't love you back and now you hold back your love from others
- You're body might not be perfect according to magazines and tv, so you cover it up with clothes and hide it away with a modest and shy body language
- Someone took advantage of your kindness and now you've became selfish or even cruel
- You hate yourself because of previous failures on personal or professional level
- You say you don't like kids and hold back your natural ability of maternal love which you could also express towards so many other things in the world
- You were in a relationship with a man that was weak and undecisive and you were forced to harden up your heart and hold back your emotions to make many tough and logical decisions
- You've spent a lot of time being single and having to be very independent, which made you strong, but also unable to show and express the true depth and real fragility of your heart

I could carry on with this list for endless pages, there are simply so many ways that your heart can lock up. To make it even more complex, some of them, like being independent, are not even negative traits. The problem arises when these event make you withold your feminine essence and stop you from fully expressing the loving ability of your true depth.

Take the time to notice these, see which ones are present in your life. Notice how beautifully fragile you truly are, how every part of your essence is interlinked with the world that surrounds you, how your body reacts to every single little event. Yes, you might build walls, because certain events seem overwhelming to the feminine, but this is what makes you beautiful. The fact that your essence reacts to everything is what makes you a woman! When you feel that you have built up a wall because of a specific event, don't be upset or angry with yourself! Instead remember that in these moments, all what happens is that your heart wants to radiate love light, but gets knocked back a little by our society and by how life works.

Your ability to get hurt is one fo the biggest expressions of the feminine essence, only somethings that wants to open in love and radiate light can be hurt. Always remember that whenever you find a wall, the only reason why it's there is to protect something beautiful and wonderful, that there is something amazing in you that is capable of inspiring everyone around you.

The same way that you might express your caring love towards a sad child, a crying friend, a hurt animal or just nature, make sure you regulary take the time to notice your hearts fragility and how beautiful and deep your soul really is. Embrace the fact that you have such a beautiful heart, but also one that can easily get hurt. Love your heart in it's fullness, with all it's weaknesses. Always remember that all your feminine wants to do is radiate light at all times, it desires to love everything.

The feminine in her most opened state looks at every single moment with complete love.

Your heart wants to be seen in its whole loving fullness, your feminine side wants you to show the world how beautiful you truly are, it desire to break the walls down that hold her back... so help her. Help your heart express it's endless love that it so yearns to radiate.

Make a daily practice about opening your heart up. Make a practice in consciously expressing caring love towards yourself. Make a habit in offering kind loving energy towards the parts of your heart, that hide in fear. 

With time this will soften your walls and give you the strength and confidence in expressing your hearts true loving ability.


  1. No truer words could be spoken. Have you ever wondered what marks our time here if one life can really make an impact on the world or if the choices we make matter? I believe they do. And I believe that one man can change many lives for better or worse. It matters what you`re doing, Keep writing.

  2. I think a woman needs to be fragile on the outside and strong inside.
    But I agree in time most of us women lost the feminine side and we need to regain our feminine touch in order to make a relationship work.
    Good article!