Thursday, January 30, 2014

Opening the feminine heart

As one of my hobbies, I really like to dabble in photography and although I like to take pictures of everything, my favourite shots are the ones that I take of people. I'm not taking about portrait pictures here where people are posing or they are trying to make themselves look in a specific way, I like to capture them when they are behaving naturally and not focused on the camera.

 If I time it right, in these moments I can capture their true selves and I can immortalise the emotions they were feeling in those moments.

Spending so much time looking at people, recently I started to notice a massive difference in the way women and men carry their bodies. If you look at men you can notice that they always walk around quite rigidly, like robots, going here and there with a strong sense of purpose. What I really enjoy though is the way women carry themselves. They walk around so lightly as if they were these small feathers being carried by the wind. There is so much motion in the way all women carry themselves, as if every single part of your bodies were pure feminine energy that just wanted to move freely and openly. In comparison to our masculine energy that is very focused and rigid. Next time you're out, just pay attention to this for a little while, it's amazing to see how men walk around like some kind of warriors and women just tend to "float" with a very gentle grace.

What is even more enjoyable is to notice that the more open a woman's heart is the more energy she radiates through her body and the more freely she moves around. No wonder when you are in love or very happy people tell you that you are floating around. Your heart is just so open in these moments, it just radiates pure energy, making your body fully relaxed. And not surprisingly when women move around with such a radiating and opened heart and body they are seen as being the most attractive, the most mesmerising. 

There is nothing more beautiful in this world than noticing a women who radiates love from every part of her heart, body and soul. Just look at a woman after giving birth and holding their newborn in their hands for the first time. They've just went through the most horrible pain that they ever experienced, but because of the endless love that flows through her in those moments, she always looks absolutely beautiful. Think about it, a woman with no make up, who hasn't slept well in days and her body has just been destroyed, holds more beauty then any runway model, simply because every part of her body is shining with pure love and a fully open heart.

Being able to live with an open and lovingly radiating heart is the essence of the feminine beauty, like a flower you as a woman, you're the most beautiful when you are open and you're showing of your inner beauty. 
The greatest thing is that the feminine energy that lies within you and within ALL women is limitless, it's vast like an ocean, powerful and eternal like the sun. I've probably met a couple of thousands of women in my life, some of them more radiant than the other, but regardless of how closed up any of them were, whenever I looked deep into their heart through their eyes, I could always sense that enormous energy lying hidden within them which wanted to shine and yearned to break down the walls that were keeping her captive.

Living with such openness, is not easy though and takes a lot of courage and strength. Take this paragraph from David Deida:

"Your true feminine heart of vulnerable love-radiance—crushed or negated in child hood—has become surrounded by a masculine shell of fear: “Because my love-light is inadequate, I’ll direct my life toward success so I am worthy of love.” In your teenage years, a feminine shell of fear is then added: “Unless I make my surface shine, boys won’t notice me.” 

Already, as a teenager, the love-radiance of your true feminine essence is hidden behind a masculine shell of protective and assertive directionality and a feminine shell of superficial “see me,” lack of self-worth, and covert manipulation of men’s attention."

During your life, especially as a girl, you probably went through many different experiences where you were living with a fully opened and radiating heart, when an outside event hit you like a meteorite and crushed your loving purity. May it be a boyfriend that you loved, but who betrayed you, a teacher or parent that was overly critical or judgemental, not having a "perfect" body like other girls, a professional environment where you were forced into behaving very cold and logically, repressing your heart. All these moments can be excruciatingly painful to the feminine heart and in lack of guidance and knowledge, the only solution you see is to close yourself up and protect your heart, which lessens your existence. More then that, if the pain is large enough you build thick walls around your heart, to make sure to avoid future pain, but by doing this you lessen your feminine radiance and exquisiteness. 

Opening yourself again and breaking down the walls can be so hard... so terrifying... that most women avoid it all together. Instead they create this "rational" and "logical explanation" of why it is actually a good thing to repress their inner beauty and live their lives with their hearts half locked away. They end up living in a lie, in a shallow existence. 

However the feminine heart cannot accept this, it always shouts and screams from behind these walls wanting to SHINE, wanting to RADIATE LOVE, wanting to be SEEN BY THE WHOLE WORLD AS THIS BEAUTIFUL CARING ENERGY.....but....the fears...... they don't allow it.... . What happens instead, to quiet these voices, the fears try to cover this lie they created with "material beauty", excessive make up, branded clothes and shoes, career, being sexually shallow (these are not necessarily bad things on their own and can bring a great amount of value into the feminine life, but only when they are not used to cover up a lie). The result being even more lies, even shallower existence and even more repressed feminine essence.

But, as a woman YOU have a CHOICE. You can either carry on living in a shallow lie, which you may very well chose because it's easier, or you will let your heart open up fully and experience this life in all it's beauty, letting your soul be filled with love, blissful happiness, radiance and beauty. You can chose to open up fully and radiate your endless love on everyone and everything that surrounds you, inspiring and captivating people by your simple presence. 

You can chose to walk through life with such a seductive radiating presence, that you simply stop men in their tracks, you distract them from their monotonous lives and make them  want to admire you for those few moments that they are lucky enough to spend in your overwhelming radiating presence. 

You can live your life with such radiating energy, that shallow superficial men simply run away scared and attract only those ones that have the courage to live life like real men. Only men who have the potential to be your knight in a shining armour would have the courage to approach you and they would dedicate their life to worship you as their goddess of love for the rest of their lives. 

This power is within you, it's within all women. And as a man, I can tell you, that there is nothing more inspiring or fascinating than seeing a women in her full feminine radiance. 


  1. Really like the post.what I would ad to this, is that for a women to open herself after being hurt, she needs to get herself healed first.especially if she got hurt badly
    And also for a woman to shine she needs a man next to her that can make her shine
    And also for a woman to shine she needs a quality man next to her that can make her shine...

    1. It is true, a man can really help a woman open up and shine, he has the ability to look through the emotional chaos of the feminine and direct her energy in a way which allows her to be the most open and radiant. However this doesn't mean that the responsibility lies with the man, not at all. It is the role of the women to be feminine.

      I'll turn it around to make it more easy to understand. As a woman you have the amazing ability to bring self confidence into any men's life and also to inspire him to do amazing things with his life. However when you are searching for a man to be your partner, you don't want somebody that's insecure and a loser, you want somebody who is already self confident and knows what he wants and after that offer your feminine energy to "make him even more amazing" or to heal him when the challenges of life knock him down.

      It's the same the other way around. We cannot make you radiant, but we can help you to be even more radiant then you are and if life crushes your heart, then we can be there as a rock, as something secure that can give you the courage to open up again.

  2. Fisrt of all no women needs a man to make her happy or shine.. You need to shine on your own.. So u can attract any man... the question is how? And how to get the right 1? So Mr Khiss...we are waiting for the answer...

    To my favourite author
    The post is amazing..l like the pictures and an extra like for quoting Deida... ;)

    1. All this will be answered in my future posts :)